Take up an Cause for NCM

  From the year 2004-05 till date, the Manch has taken up numerous issues. In our quest to grow, we  welcome more people to join us in this endeavour.

  Currently we have initiated a system of appointing convenors by a selection process approved  by the Managing Committee. Interested persons may send their profile and related qualifications to the Secretary Nagrik Chetna Manch.

  Currently following members are holding portfolios as convenors :

  1. Dr. Anupam Saraph – UID Aadhar
  2. Ms. Qaneez Sukhrani – BRTS, Traffic & Transportation, RTI
  3. Mr. Shrikant Patil - MSW
  4. Prof Amitav Mallik– Smart Cities
  5. Dr. Anupam Saraph & Mr. Lalit Kathpalia – Activity on social networks

  Our core focus is for the following broad based objectives :

  • To bring transparency in governance and eradicate corruption by using the RTI Act extensively.
  • To take steps to ensure that the citizens have good mobility, basic water supply, proper management/handling of MSW, good health and clean environment.
  • To improve the quality of life of every citizen.
  • To prevent wasteful expenditure in society – both public & private at the local and national levels.