Nagrik Chetna Manch : Court Cases

Ser NoCase Details
1   Municipal Court SCS 1/2005 & RCS 772/05

The Manch has pending court cases regarding unauthorised "study" tours of the members of PMC Child Welfare & Women's Committee (1/2005 Municipal Court) and the Tree Authority (772/05 Municipal Court) to recover from the members the costs because the amount for such unauthorised trips is from public funds. The District Court has dismissed the appeal filed by the Municipal Corporation on 3 April 2008 that the Municipal Court is not competent to hear the SCS 1/2005. The 'pleasure' trips by the councillors have now stopped due to NCM's pending court cases.

2   High Court WP 3189/2011

However, the PMC/GoM waited for almost a year more asking for dates from the municipal court before filing a writ petition in the High Court for squashing the order of the District Court in Criminal WP 3189/2009. The matter was on the board of the High Court on 18/11/2011 but it was not heard. No new date has been posted since. As per the regulations of the High Court, the petitioner is to give a copy of his petition to the defendant. The petitioner has not given us a copy in spite of two summonses that were received by us. This is typical of our bureaucracy to delay justice.